MPRB News: 2014 Pollinator Party: A Celebration of Bees – July 24

Pollinator Party: A Celebration of Bees It’ll be a honey of a party

Have you heard the buzz? Honey bees and wild bees play a major role in the productivity of American agriculture through the pollination of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Join us for the 2014 Pollinator Party on Thursday, July 24 from 5 – 8 p.m. at Lyndale Park Gardens on the east side of Lake Harriet. The party will be on the open lawn just north of the Peace Garden. This event is free. Enjoy a picnic in the park – food and beverage will be available for purchase from La Loma Tomales.

The Pollinator Party brings together bees, scientists, beekeepers, food, and live music. This annual event also provides an opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate the life and work of honey bees and native bees.

At dusk, enjoy the Disney movie “Wings of Life” which offers an intimate and unprecedented look at butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, bats and flowers.

Event details:

  • Learn about honey bees and urban bee keeping
  • Discover the life cycles of honey bees and wild bees – and sample Minnesota honey
  • Mother Earth Gardens will be on hand with native plants and information about making your own backyard bee-hospitable.
  • Earn a cone of ice-cream made with honey
  • Discover the wild bees of the park – help catch, identify, and release bees
  • Engage in Art in the Park with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  • Meet Elena Hoffman, the 2014 American Honey Princess
  • Make seed bombs with Eggplant Urban Farm Supply
  • Learn about native bee nests with the Xerces Society
  • Get arty with Bee Swell
  • Learn about skin care from bee products with Worker B
  • Book signing for “Pollinators of Native Plants” with author Heather Holm
  • Learn about monarchs with Monarch Joint Venture
  • Get honey recipes from MN Honey Company
  • Play the pollination game with the MN DNR’s Biological Survey
  • Learn how to protect bees and other beneficial insects with Pollinator Revival
  • Listen to live music from: Pop Wagner, Dreamland Faces and the Brass Messengers

Event partners include the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, University of Minnesota Bee Lab and Bee Squad, the Bell Museum and the Beez Kneez.

The 2014 Pollinator Party is sponsored by sponsored by KFAI 90.3 Fresh Air Radio.

Please visit the MPRB’s website for more information about beekeeping programs and events in our parks!

One Thought on “MPRB News: 2014 Pollinator Party: A Celebration of Bees – July 24

  1. Wow! I wish that we could afford to be at this gathering. I’m so please to see such a progressive group. This doesn’t surprise me though, as the MSU bee lab is so outspoken and teams with the public.

    How can we assist? Our company’s mission is to keep the food supply safe through teaching backyard gardeners to learn how to raise native mason bees. We want them so successful that we’ll exchange free tubes/reeds for their excess mason bee cocoons.

    We’re then shifting these bees into nearby orchards the following season. We know that when you mix mason bees into an orchard, farmers see increase crop yield. The problem is that we don’t have enough of these awesome & gentle bees. Thus, the need to get more gardeners to raise these bees.

    What can we do to assist?
    (425) 949-7954
    Dave Hunter, Owner

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